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Three easy tricks to teach your dog

Teaching your dog these three things will make you enjoy its company even better.

  1. How to open and close the door
  2. How to teach your dog to poo outside
  3. How to play hide and seek
Teaching your dog tricks
Fitbark GPS Home

Are GPS trackers for dogs any good?

An electronic transmitter that attaches to your dog’s collar and sends data to your smartphone via an app. What possibilities does such a device offer us? Is it useful or just a gadget? Good or bad for your house dog?

Why do dogs eat poop?

Again and again I meet horrified dog owners who tell me with a disgusted expression on their faces that their darling has recently been eating the poop of dogs, humans, or even horses.

Why do dogs do this? And why don’t dogs get disgusted? These and a few more questions we want to answer in the following article.

Dog eating poop

Choosing an organic dog bed

A good dog bed has to be organic and natural, so the materials of which the bed is made should all be made from organic non-toxic like organic cotton, organic wool, natural latex, and organic bamboo. Very important is that none of these materials should contain harsh flame retardants or toxic chemicals.
Corgi in bed

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