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Choosing the right Dog Bowl

Dog bowls are often found in several different designs, they differ primarily in the material of which they are made, but you also get dog bowl stands and a very special dog bowl for those really greedy dogs. Our Dog specialist discusses pros and cons of each dog bowl.
Which Dog Bowl
GPS dog Collar

Are GPS trackers for dogs any good?

An electronic transmitter that attaches to your dog’s collar and sends data to your smartphone via an app. What possibilities does such a device offer us? Is it useful or just a gadget? Good or bad for your house dog?

Help, my dog doesn't stop barking

It is a common phenomenon that dogs often bark at other dogs or people and just will not stop. We then get embarrassed by the loud behavior and look with envy to other owners who can walk their dogs in a relaxed way. Here are some tips to also be a relaxed owner with a relaxed dog.
dog wont stop barking

The House Dog Experience

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