The House Dog Articles

It is all about improving relationships between dogs and their owners. Our emphasis is on getting owners to understand their dogs so that they can change the way they react to a dog’s behaviour. Our end goal is not only having a relaxed dog but that we as owners are also more confident in the handling of a dog.

House Dog Articles
Kids with house dog

What our dog articles are all about

Within the family, dogs are considered as living beings with needs, which have their own place in the social group. Some people consider a dog as a toy but even though it has  fluffy fur it is not a toy. Dogs are a part of the family, which have similar rights to we as humans but that does not give me the right as a human being to cross the dogs borders, only because I am perhaps physically and mentally able to do it.

Our articles are the based on the philosophy of knowing and learning why a dog behaves as he does.

All our articles are written by professionals, we have a dog specialist/ Trainer from Germany that writes most of the articles and we also have access to veterinary advice.