The House Dog Advice

Our articles are the based on the philosophy of knowing and learning why a dog behaves as he does.

All our articles are written by professionals, we have a dog specialist/ Trainer from Germany that writes most of the articles and we also have access to veterinary and nutritional advice.

A day in the life of a Palestinian dog

It is estimated that several thousand strays reside in Gaza; in a territory that hardly covers 40 km (25 miles) long, 10 km wide in addition to dwelling over 1.9 million people.

Up till now, the stray dog population is conceivably one of the most visible animal welfare problems in Palestine.

Palestinian dog in front of wall
Well behaved dog not chewing shoes

Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Your Shoes

Thousands of dog parents have been woefully compelled to spend money buying or replacing their torn shoes time and again.

But the fact is, shoes make for pretty desirable chew toy for your dog. Why? Well, they’re easily accessible, soft, and chewy – but more importantly, your shoes smell like you do!

Three tricks to teach your dog

You may be thinking that your new-found pet needs to be taught how to respond to its name, but that is not necessary as animals naturally respond to their names without special training. Teaching your dog these three things will make you enjoy its company even better.

Dog hide and seek
Corgi in bed

Choosing an organic dog bed

A good dog bed has to be organic and natural, so the materials of which the bed is made should all be made from organic non-toxic like organic cotton, organic wool, natural latex, and organic bamboo. Very important is that none of these materials should contain harsh flame retardants or toxic chemicals.

Are GPS trackers for dogs any good?

An electronic transmitter that attaches to your dog’s collar and sends data to your smartphone via an app. What possibilities does such a device offer us? Is it useful or just a gadget? Good or bad for your house dog?

Sausage dog with GPS
dog wont stop barking

Help, my dog doesn't stop barking

It is a common phenomenon that dogs often bark at other dogs or people and just will not stop. We then get embarrassed by the loud behavior and look with envy to other owners who can walk their dogs in a relaxed way. Here are some tips to also be a relaxed owner with a relaxed dog.

Choosing the correct modern dog bowl

That a dog should eat from the bowl is a human idea and has a lot to do with our demand for cleanliness and hygiene. Imagine cleaning the floor or carpet every time your dog munches on his favorite dog food.

Which dog bowl
Dog ambulance

Insurance for your House Dog

With a dog at our side, the risk of damage or even accidents increases. As now we are not only responsible for ourselves, but also for our dog, and his actions. We have a look at two types of insurance that can at least relieve us of financial worries in a worst-case scenario.