Dog Essentials

What are dog essentials?

Dog essentials can be understood as your absolute pooch needs that will improve your dog’s life, we’ll be covering such categories as the very best dog bowls, toys, pet insurance, dog health products, collars, clothing, and much more, etc. whether your a veteran traveler or you’re a stay at home pet parent, this is where you’ll be able to fulfill your absolute pet needs. 

Here at The House Dog, together with our pet enthusiasts and pet professionals are dedicated to giving you the information to make the best possible purchase decisions you can make. 

Benefits of Having Dog Essentials

  • Wellness

    When it comes to the wellness of our dogs, we only want what's best for them. Health is extremely important to any dog's life and has a big impact on the way they interact with their environment, that is why we believe that health and wellness deserve special attention as the wellness of our dogs can determine their mood and behavior.

  • Health

    Health care is an extremely aspect of a pet especially if you want them to live a long, happy, and healthy life. It's essential to a dog's life to have good healthcare as it has a huge effect on their behavior and mood. Healthcare for your dog always doesn't have to be expensive there are many different options for all pets and backgrounds alike.

Featured Essentials


The Top 10 best Pet Insurances

The one thing pet owners fear the most is losing their dog. However, there is a way to have your dog safe and protected. For peace of mind use Pet Insurance. Pet insurance comes with many different options and benefits, do you know which pet insurance is best for you?

The Top 10 CBD Oils

CBD for dogs is becoming more and more mainstream and is becoming a very popular holistic form of medication.  It is said that there can be many benefits for your dog whist being treated with CBD products. 

20 best dog bowls

The Top 20 best dog bowls 2022

Choosing the best dog bowl to serve your dog’s meals in can take quite a bit of research. There are things to consider like material, size of the bowl as well as height (you may need a dog bowl stand or elevation)… and then of course there are those “eccentric eaters”, i.e. fast eaters, messy eaters… or both.

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