ASPCA Pet Insurance Review

ASPCA Pet Insurance has done a good job to make it straightforward to make claims in various ways. Their low start costs for their Accident plan make it a great option for those that aren’t interested in Accident and Illness or Preventative care as their prices can increase significantly. That being said, if you are looking for more than just the basics, you should look at other insurances.

Dog Insurance Coverage

ASPCA Pet Insurance has two available that are limited to the Accidents only plan and Accidents and Illness plan(complete coverage). The Accident only plan is what its name suggests for accidents only and emergency conditions such as a broken leg or and accidental ingestion of something foreign. The Accidents and Illness plan covers all that the accidents only plan is made up of and common illnesses. 

There is an optional add-on that includes preventive care coverage that includes:

– Spray/neuter

– vaccinations

– dental

Cost of ASPCA Pet Insurance:

ASPCA Pet insurance’s cost is lower end compared to its competitors. Their Basic Accident only plan can start as low as $12/mo. Their Accidents and Illness plan starts around $20/mo. with the preventative care option starting at $9.95/mo. All prices are subjected to change relative to the health and age of your dog. With the Accidents and only plan, their prices can rise significantly depending on the health or the age of your dog.


24/7 Customer Service

Compared to some of their competitors their communication lines are slightly behind considering they do not have a 24/7 telephone line or an online live chat function. Their Phone lines are also limited between business hours. Otherwise, they can be contacted through email.

Social Media Presence

ASPCA Pet Insurance has an impressive following on Facebook that’s just over 125K which their other platforms that do not compete when compared to this. The posts are made up of interesting articles about pet health and stories of their customers inserting success and concern questions that their customer base might have.


The discount availability through PetsBest is slightly lower than that of its competitors being at 5% for two or more pets.

Ease of doing business

ASPCA Pet insurance seems to have made it a point to make the claims process and accessible and easy as possible as there are numerous ways to get it done including: Through the My Pet Insurance app,  through their website or email for any online claims as well as more traditional methods such as mail, fax

If you use the My Pet Insurance app you can track the status of the app or through the online portal on their website. As you can see there are many options and would be hard whether you are tech-savvy or not, to go wrong.


Why Pick ASPCA insurance?

Their easy claims system combined with their straightforward Accidents and complete coverage policy is basic to understand you know what you are getting out of it. As well as their budget-friendly starting prices make this a viable option for those on a tighter budget. That being said they do not have unlimited benefits compared to their competitors.



"We couldn't be happier with this insurance. Claims were fast and accurate, paid our extremely quick. Even more important is that your Reps. are amazing! Helpful and responsive. You have a great team and my Pup thanks you for her 2 new knees that she wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for ASPCA team. Thank you!!!"
Rachel T
Consumeraffairs 12/09/2019
"I researched all Pet Insurance & read all of the Disclaimers, etc w/ the Various Insurance... I think a lot of folks expect more from all of these Coverages than are actually offered.. from the Selection(s) that were Offered, ASPCA seemed to fit my criteria w/ my New Pups that was 4 Years Old..SO Far I have had tow (2) Claims that have been fulfilled completely & THANK GOODNESS I had Insurance! This is a Great Company with Outstanding Customer Service!"
Paul M
Yelp 19/07/2021
"I have a new puppy. ASPCA is the best and easiest manner in which to insurance a pet's health. It can be expensive to anti-up to pay the bills for pets and nothing is worse than being caught off guard when the unexpected happens."
Sharon F
Trustpilot 02/10/2021
"I adopted a bulldog mix during the pandemic - luckily I had insurance because she had a tumor and spay issues. ASPCA covered it (minus the spay since I did not have wellness added on. I did not know this but they were able to explain over the phone that it was not covered without adding wellness.) The claim itself was 4K - and I was reimbursed close to that amount. I plan to keep this insurance forever because I was not expecting a rescue dog to rack up a 4k bill within adopting her! I also love the mobile app, I would check that daily to check on my claim status. Direct deposit was made within a few days after the claim cleared."
Paul K
petinsurancereview 30/03/2021