Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Compared to their competitors there is little to differentiate them except for their 24/7 customer service that many open insures do not have. Their plans are straightforward and are relatively cheap. All in all, Embrace is perfect insurance if you are looking for a plain and simple process to protect your four-legged friend.  That being said their Prevention and Wellness plans are more about putting money into a sort of savings account and you’re probably better off saving that money yourself.

Dog Insurance Coverage

With embracing their multiple customizable options with choices of 5 different limit options and five different deductible options as well as 3 reimbursement amounts. There are two different options to choose from corresponding to most of their competitors including their Accident and wellness plan and their Preventative plan. Their Accidents and Wellness plan includes:

  • Exam fees
  • procedures
  • lab tests
  • medication
  • continued treatment
  • genetic conditions
  • dental
  • specialist
  • medical boarding


their Preventative plan includes:

  • Preventative care
  • microchipping
  • Spray/neuter
  • vaccinations
  • behavioural
  • Alternative care
  • burial

Cost of Embrace Pet Insurance:

The cost of Embrace pet insurance is fairly low on their start-up cost that the average price for their basic plan is around $12/mo for your dog but their Wellness and Preventative add ons can range tone relatively expensive.

depending on the age and health of your dog. On the Accident and illness plan can look to pay between:

Year 1 – $12 to $45

Year 6 – $15 to $55

year 12 – $31 to $120


24/7 Customer Service

Compared to their competitors Embrace is not as tech-savvy with their communication function considering they don’t have a live chat function but they do have a 24/7 helpline for those medical emergencies. Otherwise, their communication is limited between emails and phone lines.

Social Media Presence

Embrace has an array of platforms that they engage with their audiences including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, and Pinterest. The Facebook following is particularly impressive with a reach of 85k followers and full of inspiring “tails” of Embrace success stories and pictures of furry friends from all over the world.


Embrace has three discount policies including a 10% multi-pet discount starting from two or more pets that you have insured with embrace. The second discount is the military discount for those that an immediate family member within the household that is in the military gets 5% off. The last discount includes the employee benefit discount at 10% off.

Ease of doing business

Embrace’s ease of doing business is straightforward by filing for claims process s done through their application for a downloadable form via their website. All claims take between 10 and 15 working days. Their process of reimbursement is done through direct deposit or paper checks. Their communication lines are direct and simple either through email or phone swell as having 24/7 helpline.

Why Pick Embrace insurance?

In regards to their Accident and wellness plan Embrace competes for one of the top spots for pet insurances with a reasonable premium and many benefits. Their simple and easy-to-use communication lines make it straightforward to get in touch and their 24/7 helpline for emergencies is a huge benefit if needing to get in touch with a professional.



Embrace is the best pet insurance we've ever found. Our plan pays 80% after we meet our deductible and we have never been denied a claim. And they pay 80% of the price we have paid, not just what they "allow". I love that you can submit your own claim via their app with just a snapshot of your claim form and the receipt from the vet. They take it from there, never asking for any clarification from us. If they need any additional info, they contact the vet. All we have to do is wait a week or two and the check is in our mailbox. Love, love, love Embrace!
Ari R.
Yelp 12/09/2020
For your "best friend"! Absolutely the best and easiest organization to do business with. Very courteous while explaining health conditions about your best friend! The easiest most convenient way to submit claims and the response time is minimal. Awesome!
Trustpilot 04/10/2021
"I have had Embrace pet insurance for a pet in the past and now my corgi. I previously had another pet insurance with a past pet that did not cover as much and was about the same price. Embrace pet insurance has always been amazing to me and my animals, from customer support all the way through coverage. One large incident I'd like to bring up is that my corgi puppy recently had an accident and NEEDED orthopedic surgery on her metatarsal and tarsal where they'd put a plate in and fuse bones. The accident happened on a Thursday night, Embrace gave us pre approval for a $5.5k surgery by Tuesday the next week and she had surgery the next day."
Ashlyn W.
consumeraffairs 19/09/2021
"Embrace Insurance is the way to go for your fur baby. My puppy Stella ate raisins and became very sick. She had to be hospitalized for 48 hours. Embrace treated us like family members. My claim precert was pushed through expeditiously so I knew exactly what my out of pocket expenses would be."
consumeraffairs 16/09/2021