Eusoh Pet Insurance Review

although Eusoh may be a bit unorthodox in their shared community policy relying heavily on the cost of your group’s shared veterinary costs. The proof is in the practice as this working well with a heap of good reviews and star ratings and the number of benefits that you receive through the insurance is greatly admired by their customer. If you enjoy a slightly more social aspect to your insurance and enjoy the shared community aspect then this is the insurance for you.

Dog Insurance Coverage

Eusoh Pet Insurance has a unique offering that includes having a once-off payment at the end of the month and a standardized plan for everybody that joins the community. The standardized plan includes the coverage of Accidents, Illnesses, and preventative care. There are a few things that willing be covered including neuter surgery, dental, and sprays.  

There is a $250 deductible and an 80% reimbursement rate. 

The coverage with Eusoh Pet Insurance is based on a community-sharing cost plan. once you have signed up for this insurance it is your job to find a community pool that is made up of 10 people to join. Once you’ve chosen your community and have been accepted into the pool there is a 30 day waiting period.

Cost of Eusoh Pet Insurance:

The cost of Eusoh Pet Insurance is based on the total cost of the pool’s expense there is a mandatory $17 that is paid directly to Eusoh that is for their profit and an additional $48 deposit that needs to be refilled at the endow each month. All costs of the insurances are distributed evenly between the members of the pool regardless of how much you have paid already. That being said that there is a total limit of $48 so any costs that exceed that amount will not be expected to repay by the members. 

The cost of your dog’s insurance according to Eusoh averages $41 a month monthly fee. 

Accidents only between: $15.90 to $43.32

Accidents and illness:     $26.06 to $78.39

Depending on the age of your dog the Accident and illness plan can significantly vary such as:

1 year    $26.06 to $78.39

3 year    $27.92 to $83.99

6 year    $37.23 to $111.99

12 year  $83.76 to $251.98

24/7 Customer Service

All customer service with Eusoh pet insurance is handled via a couple of channels such as their webchat service, which is probably the fastest and most convenient for any doggy lover that needs to get an answer quickly. The other ways are via email or by cellphone. That being said that Eusoh is not open during the weekends or at night as their time’s run-through traditional business hours from Monday to Friday 9:00 .a.m. to 5:00 .p.m.


Social Media Presence

Eusoh Pet Insurance is one of the youngest pet insurances as they were established in 2017. That being said that their social media following is fairly low with little engagement with their following. Their posts are made up of different articles about pets and celebration posts about what national pet day it is including e.g Pet Breeders month and international dog day.

Ease of doing business

All communication with Eusoh Pet `insurance is available via web-chat, cellphone, and email. All claims follow suit like most traditional pet insurers but filing a claim via the online server to be assessed by an administrator for review and you’ll receive a notice back on how much you will be reimbursed. Ultimately the ease of doing business heavily relies on the group or sub-community that you join as they are the ones that are the decision whether or not you get accepted. the health of other people’s dogs and how often their furry friends need medical attention will have a direct effect on how much you will pay at the end of every month


Why Pick Eusoh Pet insurance?

The one unique factor that sticks out is probably the most important thing to understand about this shared community insurance in their coverage. even though there is a fixed maximum monthly fee that is a bit pricer than most insurances but it is the benefit that you get for your dog. There is only one coverage plan and it includes Illness, accidents, and wellbeing. Most pet insurance plans may hammer you if you wanted to get your dog completely covered which makes its offering for a fully comprehensive cover somewhat superior to other pet insurances.



"My claim was processed so quickly! I had my claim settled within 3 days of submitting a claim. The reason it even took three days is I was delayed in providing records. I received a friendly reminder via text and email. I am very happy and satisfied with the service I was provided."
Trustpilot 20/09/2021
So happy I chose Prudent Pet. Honestly could not be in better hands. Very happy with their website, portal, and knowledgeable agents. They are always there to help and always remind us that they are here to answer ANY questions we may have -- even just about pet health. Steph and Monica are fabulous! If you're looking for a pet insurance that actually cares about you and your's this one for sure. Thank YOU!!!
Consumeradvocate 26/10/2020
"So far I do not have any major complaints. There are some items I wish they covered like prescription food and teeth cleaning. They have been very prompt in resolving the claims that have been submitted."
consumeraffairs 14/9/2020
Recently purchased pet insurance with Prudent Pet and I couldn't be happier with the service I was provided. The coverage is wide and varied but the customer service is also top notch. Super engaging emails that really convinced me to buy!
Tc M
Yelp 21/02/2020