Hartville Dog Insurance Review

Hartville Pet Insurance is exactly what their name suggests, there is the heart of the industry. Their long history, involvement in the protection of our furry friends is a good indication of the lengths that they have gone to assure you that they are on it for the love and not for the money combined with their highly beneficial plans and ease of doing benefit a go-to for a suitable and stable choice for your peace of mind.  

Dog Insurance Coverage

Hartville Pet insurance has two plans that include Accident Only Plan and Complete Wellness plan. Although this might seem standardized to the industry there is a significant amount of coverage that you get on each plan that is slightly more thanks to being expected the Accidents Only Plan includes: 


  • lodged foreign objects
  • toxic ingestions
  • microchipping 
  • specialist and more
  • torn ligaments


The Complete Coverage plan includes the  above and:


– behavioural treatment 

 This may not seem like much of a benefit at first unless you consider that in the Accident Only Plan these benefits are only enjoyed under emergency conditions. There is an additional cover that is offered as an add-on to each plan that includes a preventative care coverage that includes:

  preventative care 

  • neuter surgery
  • vaccinations
  • dental

Cost of Hartville Pet Insurance:

Hartville pricing is higher than most of their competitor when it comes to their Complete Coverage Plan compared to their Accidents only plan that has a competitive price and with entry-level pricing starting between $16.31 to $43.32 and there is no increase when it comes to the age of your dog. 


The Complete Coverage Plan has an entry-level price of between $27.10 and $78.39 and can rise significantly as the age of your dog does such as dogs over the age of 5, you can expect to pay upwards of $100 per month of their coverage.

Ease of Doing Business

As said before Hartville has a sophisticated online platform for making claims easy. All dog lovers can ensure that their pets are safe. You can file claims from anywhere and everywhere and if you are leaning more towards a traditional sense you can always bring out the claims form and sent it via email, fax, or mail.

24/7 customer service

Hartville offers communication between their customer and the company via telephoned email, they are an account manager online enrolment that seems to be more sophisticated than most of their competitors that being said they do not have a live chat function.


Hartville is generous enough to offer a discount of 10% of the additional dog that you put onto the insurance plan after enroll roll your first dog. There is another thing to consider that although it is not a discount it is a win for Hartville. You have a 14 day waiting period for ligaments and knee conditions compared to its competitors which are 6 months to a year…

Why Pick Hartville?

Hartville Pet Insurance has the pleasure of being the first pet insurance in the industry starting in 1997 in the United States. Hartville has a strong tie-in with the ASPCA and an employee-driven volunteer program that further expresses their dedication to all the animals that we share our homes with. That being said in combination with their generous offerings and their rich story in the industry that were the first to arrive, there is no doubt that it is as professional and as good as they come. 


"I have just signed up for the insurance, it was easy to understand, and easy to sign up. It gives me the kind of coverage I need for my pet".
dave Wynn
Trust Pilot 17/9/2021
"I had the pleasure of speaking with Loretta today. She works for Hartville Pet Insurance and is very good at what she does. She appears to really enjoy working for Hartville and speaks honestly and enthusiastically about the company's pet insurance program through her own experience with her dog and cat. She was a tremendous help and really gave the situation the attention it merited. I would highly recommend calling Hartville and asking to speak with Loretta; you will not be disappointed."
Maria .A
Petinsurancereview 10/15/2020
"I’m so stoked there is finally a modern insurance company. i love that its all digital/electronic. No 2 hour long phone coversations with awful insurance reps like I heard my mom go through when I was growing up. So simple". #yaassss
No issues so far!! "My first claim processed fast but since then they have been slower being approved. All my claims have been for wellness for a new puppy so nothing huge yet. Otherwise nothing to complain about!"
Trustpiolet 07/09/2021