Lemonade Pet Insurance Review

Lemonade Pet Insurance is on the forefront of the digital landscape and how to reap the rewards from having that landscape work for them. Their ease of doing business, simple processing and easy to use app make them one of the friendlier insurance companies to consider.

Dog Insurance Coverage

Lemonade pet insurance standard package is concerned with accidents and illnesses. which their coverage  under emergency conditions include:

– Diagnostics

– Procedures

– Medications 

This is all to treat illnesses and injury and can be understood as more on-the-day type insurance.  One thing that needs to be understood is that this package does not include examination fees. This is what differentiates this package from their Preventative and Wellness package which is all of the above including:

– annual checkup

– 3 vaccines per year

– screening for common illnesses.

The Preventative and Wellness package also includes a helpline where you can get in touch with pet health experts to get advice for your pet.

All plans/ coverage options are customizable as you can add on additional options are unique fees

Cost of Lemonade Pet Insurance:

The fact that Lemonade runs a sophisticated AI-driven company allows them to have cheaper offerings than most of its competitors. Depending on the age and current health of your dog, prices may vary from:

Accident and illness package:

between $12- $29

Preventative and wellness package:

between $15 – $18

This is also further subjected to any “extras” or add-ons you wish to put onto your plan that may cost between $3.16 – $8 per add-on.


One unique incentive that lemonade has available is a 10% discount on your pet insurance plan if you are part of their homeowner’s insurance plan. That includes your whole plan and leaves the opportunity to snag a couple of add-ons if you want your furry friend to be more covered.

24/7 Customer Service

Being purely digital, all claims are handled via their website and through their app although they do have a number for your to call this is only available under emergency conditions. All communication with Lemonade for non-threatening issues should be expected to be dealt with under the live chat platform on the app and via email.

Social Media Presence

Lemonade’s social media presence is young but that being said it has a decent following across multiple platforms including Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, dribble, Facebook, and Medium. Although their Instagram page is taken by an artistic expression of various digital art and is unrelated to their company that being said it is still an interesting thread.

Ease of doing business

Lemonade is renowned for its ease of doing business as all of your business will be done through interacting with their app or their websites. They are an almost 5 stars rated service (4.9) and they are proud of it. Their claims process is highly sophisticated and you can get your claim approved in minutes. One thing they are aware of is that the claims process can only be done through the app not via the website.


Why Pick Prudent Pet insurance?

Lemonade pet insurance is renowned for its tech-savvy ingenuity due to its no paper purely digital operations and its popular pet insurance app that allows customers to manage their accounts from the comfort of their own homes. Lemonade is a fairly young company coming onto the scene in 2015 but since then they have covered over 1 million pets. This in its self has resulted in low prices of their offerings, extensive coverage, and quick claim backs for customers. All of this creates an easy to experience and many happy customers across the US.



As a brand new dog owner with a dog that has predisposed stomach problems and dietary sensitivities I knew Teddy (my cockapoo) was going to be a handful. When I was told Teddy will always have a sensitive stomach I knew I needed to get the best coverage for Teddy and have him be seen by the best doctors, ALWAYS. He's been going to his vet and hasn't had any problems, except for the first time he got colitis. I was hit with a $600+ bill! He was given an x-ray, medication, and needed rounds of IV because he was dehydrated. I contacted Lemonade and got reimbursed within DAYS. I kid you not. I submitted the paperwork through the app, was emailed by a kind representative and within days got my reimbursement.
consumeraffairs 13/05/2021
"I was looking around for a while to find a good insurance for our Cavapoo Zoe. We are first time dog owners so this was all new to us. I must say, Lemonade is the way to go!!! From the initial sign up to the process of filling a claim. Save yourself the time researching, just go with Lemonade, you won't regret it"
Nick V
trustpilot 25/06/2021
"It really is uncanny to think that Lemonade is, at the end of the day, an insurance company. Everything about my engagement with them feels very un-corporate, and very, very un-insurance-company. We've had to submit a couple claims for our dog, Harper; each time, the response was prompt, personal, funny, thoughtful, comprehensive, and clear. Our questions receive similar response: quick, thorough, and personal. And it just feels like the team actually really cares about making the process easy for us and, more importantly, about our dog's health. I'm so glad that Lemonade expanded into pet insurance (y'all cover our home, too, but fortunately we haven't submitted a claim on that yet), and am truly satisfied with the investment I make in paying for Harper's insurance each month. The customer service alone is remarkable, let alone the easy-to-use app and generous and very timely reimbursements. Awesome product, awesome team!"
consumeraffairs 12/05/2021
I am very happy with Lemonade pet insurance. They usually have fast responses within 24-36 hours and the funds get to my bank within 4-5 days. They are also very caring, when my puppy is sick they always respond with “hope she is feeling better.” The only negative-which is why I gave them 4 stars is that I didn’t realize my accident illness coverage does not cover the vet exam fee. This is my first pet so I didn’t understand how vet fees/insurance works. Overall I am very happy with Lemonade and have recommended them to my friends as well.
Tc M
consumeaffairs 19/06/2021