Cube bluetooth tracker review

Although most tracking devices in the market use cellular networks for their perfect operations, Cube does not follow the trend. Cube depends on Bluetooth technology to search your missing pet with an accuracy that is unchanged by a weak signal.

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Cube Bluetooth Tracker Physical features

Size and weight

The Cube smart tracker is designed to be small sized and light in weight. This feature makes the tracking device easy to attach to your pet’s collar, irrespective of its neck size. The size of a Cube measures 1.5 inches × 1.5 inches × 0.35 inches (That is height × width × depth). The weight of Cube tracking devices is about three pounds (3 lb).

Battery life

Cube Bluetooth smart tracker comes with a replaceable battery for free without subscribing to a plan. Furthermore, it comes with a battery removing tool to easily change the battery should there be a need.

Communication range

As the name implies, Cube Bluetooth smart tracker is a type of tracker that uses Bluetooth technology to help you find your missing pet. The Bluetooth range of this pet tracking device is about a hundred feet. What this means is that you can track your pet‘s location a hundred feet away from you.

Waterproof and Shockproof

When you hear the word “Waterproof,” what comes to mind is water-resistant. Cube smart tracker is made up of plastic material to protect them from water causing damages rated at IPX 67.

Cube Bluetooth Tracker App

Cube pet tracker use an Android or an iOS supported smartphone app

Cube app provides the pet owner with various tracking features that are easy to understand with the need for a user guide. Once you are done with the synchronization or pairing processes and tutorial class, the tracker's name will show on your screen. A "Find screen" will be displayed in the app to show you the last location of your target on a map (when you click on it). Furthermore, you will be notified when you are out of the specific communication range.

Cube App

It is also easy to set up; the procedure involved in the setting up of a Cube App goes thus:

  • Download the Cube smartphone app
  • Turn on your smartphone device’s Bluetooth
  • You will find a positive sign “+” at the upper left corner of the app; click on it
  • The app will display a button you will have to hold to add your pet’s Cube
  • You will receive a “successful message” when the Cube has been synchronized with the Bluetooth
  • A short tutorial will be displayed on your screen to enlighten you

Pros of the Cube BluetoothTracker

No subscription fee

One of the most significant benefits of Cube is that it provides you with the tracking features you will only get at a mandatory subscription fee in other pet trackers.


The Multitasking feature of a Cube tracker primarily involves the tracking of more than one pet. This feature places Cube above other pet trackers that specifically track a single pet.

The Cons of the Cube Bluetooth Tracker

The map is restricted to just one Cube

Why one can only track one dog is a mystery and maybe in the future with an update on the Cube Bluetooth Tracker it will be possible to tarck more dogs.