GFFG Pet GPS Tracker review

GFFG specifically designed the GFFG dog tracker to track the location of your wandering dogs and cats before they go missing. GFFG is a cellular-network-based pet tracker that supports a GSM or GPRS network. The GFFG Pet tracker comes with a small-sized and lightweight collar design not burdensome to your pet.

GFFG Pet Tracker

GFFG Dog Tracker Physical features

Size and weight

GFFG has a small-sized design with an adjustable collar circumference to fit any pet’s neck size. The size of this tracking device measures 2.6 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. Furthermore, the small size and lightweight of GFFG make it easy to attach without acting as a burden to your pet.

Battery life

GFFG comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts longer than most pet trackers in the market. GFFG trackers come with an inbuilt 5000 mAh Li-ion battery that can last for as long as five days. The GFFG package also comes with a USB charger to recharge the tracking device should its battery be low in power.

Communication range

The communication range of GFFG depends on the cellular reception or signal strength. If the reception is not strong, you are not guaranteed an accurate location. Based on cellular you theoretically have nationwide range.

Waterproof and Shockproof

The term “Waterproof” is self-explanatory—it is the ability to resist water, causing damages. GFFG has a Waterproof property to protect it from water-causing damages when you are out swimming with your pet.

GFFG Pet GPS Tracker App

GFFG has Android and iOS device support

This app provides you with various advanced tracking features you will need to find your missing pet and harness your pet's movement. These features include a security fence and remote listening. It is easier to use, understand and set-up. Once you have synchronized or paired the tracking device with your smartphone app, you will be able to customize the various tracking features.

GFFG 2nd App

Great security fence feature!

The security fence is customizable to whichever range you think will be enough for your wandering pet. The virtual perimeter is known as the “save zone,” you will be notified if your pet leaves the save zone. Furthermore, the app supports the real-time monitoring of your pet’s movement via the map displayed by your GFFG app.

Pros of the GFFG Pet GPS Tracker

Real-time GPS tracking of your pet

Security fence

Long-lasting battery life

Add your dog walker's cell number to stay in touch (remote listening)

The communication range depends on cellular networks

Although weak cellular signals can alter GFFG accuracy, if there is a network available then you will still have contact.

Needs Cellular

In remote places without cellular coverage then it is useless.

The Cons of the GFFG Pet GPS Tracker