Huan smart Tag review

Huan Tag is a cheap Bluetooth pet tracker developed by Huan, a company founded in 2018 in the United States of America. Huan developed a smart tag pet tracking device to track your missing pet via a pet protection network.

Huan Smart Tag Home

How does the Huan Tag work

Huan collars
  • Once you report your pet missing via the Huan app, your pet’s information, such as its picture and last location, will be automatically used to generate a missing pet web page on the internet.
  • The generation of this web page will help hasten your search for your missing pet by other people in the pet protection network.
  • However, the rate at which you find your missing dog depends entirely on how large the pet protection network community is.
  • Furthermore, you will be required to subscribe to a particular plan to benefit from Huan’s unlimited lifetime warranty.
  • Once you subscribe to this warranty, you will not be bothered about the extra cost of replacing a damaged Huan tag.

Huan Smart Tag Physical features

Size and weight

Huan Tag is small, and it is developed in three different designs to fit any collar. These tags are hanging tags, tiny tags, and sleeve type of tag. The hanging and sleeve type tag weighs four pounds, while tiny tags weigh two pounds.

Battery life

Huan smart tag comes with a coin cell CR2023 lithium battery (replaceable). The Huan battery could last for a year; hence they do not need recharging. You will receive a warning alert followed by an Amazon link to purchase a battery replacement via Huan app once the battery starts running low.

Communication range

Huan tags use Bluetooth technology. The range in an urban environment is between 300 to 400 feet. Once the signal from the tag reaches a Huan Sensor or another Huan user, it is relayed to your phone. As the Huan Pet Protection Network grows, it willcover larger areas across the country, essentially creating unlimited range in the USA.

Waterproof and Shockproof

he Huan tag is designed with water-resisting materials to protect it from water-causing damages. Although Huan can resist water, they are not made to be used underwater for a long time.

Huan Smart Tag App

Once you have downloaded the smartphone app, you will need to:

  • Allow or give the tag permission to your Bluetooth.
  • Sign in to the app with an email account, Facebook or Apple account for iOS users.
  • Enable the app to “always” have access to your location.

Once you are done with the basics, you will see four different tabs on the bottom of the app. These tabs include:

  • Map, as the name implies, shows the location of your pet.
  • Huan pack.
  • Notification.
  • The Huan app has a contact information setting, where you can add your cell phone number and home address to the Huan app.
  • This contact information will be displayed to whoever finds your pet in the pet protection network.

Pros of the Huan Smart Tag

The battery lasts for a year

Unlimited lifetime warranty

Pet protection network to help you locate your missing pet


Does not have a GPS tracking system

No Activity monitor

There are no activity monitors, it is purely to find your dog if he should go lost

The Cons of the Huan Smart Tag