Nutale Focus GPS Smart Tracker review

Nutale is easy to use and set-up with a Bluetooth-based tracking feature to track your pet’s location at a reasonable communication range.
GPS and Glasnost

Cellular Networks

It does not depend on cellular networks

dogs-gps bi-direct

Bidirectional feature

Tracks your pet tracker with your smartphone app and vice-versa

dogs-gps easy

Easy to use

Setup in four easy steps

Dog Tracker Physical features

Size and weight

Generally, Nutale is popular for its sleek small-sized structure that accounts for its lightweight. The size of Nutale has a measurement that goes thus: 1.57 inches × 1.57 inches × 0.31 inches (That is height × width × depth). Nutale also weighs 0.335 ounces (Oz) which accounts for its portable characteristic.

Battery life

Nutale tracker comes with a long-lasting CR2 battery (the battery lasts for about ten months). Nutale battery is replaceable—you will not be required to pay any subscription fee to have your battery replaced when it is faulty.

Communication range

Nutale tracker has a Bluetooth communication range of a hundred and fifty feet. This means that you will be able to track your pet’s location if it is a hundred and fifty feet from your current location. You will be notified If your pet should exceed this range.

Nutale App

Nutale is different from a few Bluetooth-based tracking devices that use handheld devices to track their missing pets. Nutale supports a smartphone app for the activation of its tracking features. The app is compatible with smartphone devices that operate on Android and iOS. It is easy to use, understand and set-up.


The app is equipped with an AI that makes it operate in a "record and remember" method, especially when you get disconnected from your pet. This feature records the last location you lost connection with your pet and provides you with the location via a map displayed on the Nut app.

How to use the Nut app

  1. Download the Nut app
  2. Synchronize the tracking device to the app via Bluetooth pairing
  3. Wait for some seconds until the pairing is complete
  4. Attach the tracking device to your pet’s collar

Pros of Nutale Focus Smart Tracker

Cellular Networks

It does not depend on cellular networks. Nutale is primarily a Bluetooth-based GPS tracker

Bidirectional feature

You can track your smartphone's location with your pet's Nutale tracking device should your smartphone go missing

Ease of use

In four easy steps to setup and use

Dog security fence

Does not support security fence so if dog leaves a certain area then you will not be notified

Short communications range

You will not be able to track your pet's location if it is more than a hundred and fifty feet from your current location

The Cons of Nutale Focus Smart Tracker