Petpace Health Tracker review

Petpace collar not only tracks your pet’s location but also monitors your pet’s wellness and health. It is equipped with advanced diagnostic technologies to detect any abnormalities in your pet’s health and well-being.

Dog Tracker Physical features

Size and weight

Petpace collar comes in different sizes that measure 1.57 inches × 1.27 inches × 0.57 inches. They, however, vary in circumference and weight to fit pets with different neck sizes.
Small size has a neck circumference of 8 – 11″ and weight of 8 – 22lb (pounds)
Medium size weighs about 22 – 62lb (pounds) with a circumference of 10.5 – 18.”
Large size has a circumference of 16 – 24.5″ and a weight above 62lb

Battery life

Petpace collar comes with a rechargeable battery with long battery life. The battery life of the Petpace collar is strong and lasts for about three weeks without recharging.

Communication range

Petpace collar has a long communication range not seen in other pet trackers. The communication range between the gateway and the collar is about a thousand feet. However, it can be altered by the congestion of your environment.

Waterproof and Shockproof

Petpace collar comes with an electronic case that can protect the device from water causing damages. The Petpace collar has an IP-X7 Waterproof rating. Furthermore, it can also resist slight impacts but not tougher ones

Petpace Collar App

Petpace app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating devices.

You can easily set up the gateway and the collar and connect them to your smartphone app. The gateway receives the information collected by the home base and then interprets them in the app. You will be alerted via the app's parameters for any abnormalities in real-time. - Leke

Petpace Health

The physiological of your pet will be displayed on the app:

  • Temperature (fever)
  • Pulse rate
  • Respiratory
  • Heart rate
  • Posture (detection of injuries)
  • Calories level

Pros of Petpace Collar Tracker

Long-lasting battery life


Waterproof and Shockproof

Global coverage

The mobile app is free

Monitors many health parameters

Really expensive

Depending on plan the price can reach $249.95 per year but one has piece of mind that your sick or older dog is always monitored.

The Cons of Petpace Collar Tracker