Tractive GPS for Dogs

 Tractive GPS tracking collar is designed for you to be able to track your furry friend from the comfort of your phone. No matter where you are in the world you will be able to see your dog’s exact location.

Tractive GPS Tracking collar Physical Features

Size and weight

Tractive GPS tracking device is large-sized and fit for dogs with a weight that ranges from 8.8 pounds and above. It is light, with a weight of 35 grams.

Battery life

The Tractive GPS Tracker has impressive 7-day battery life. Depending on how active your dog is will influence the battery life. There is a battery-saving mode to maximize battery life as well!  

Communication range

The Tractive GPS Tracker can be accessed from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your phone. Using advanced network technology that gives you an accurate tracking experience. 

Waterproof and Shockproof

Tractive GPS Tracker is IPX7 waterproof and is shock resistant.

Tractive Dog GPS App

Tractive everywhere you go with the Tractive app that allows you to keep track of your furry friends’ exact location no matter where you are in the world. Available for download for IOS and Android. 

How do you set up Tractive GPS tracking collar?

  1. Fully Charge the device, click “on”
  2. Attach the GPS to your furry friend.
  3. Open the app and fill in the necessary details to start tracking. 

Pros of the Tractive
GPS collar

Works in over 150 countries

Live Tracking

Large save zone perimeter

Unlimited communication range

The Cons of the Tractive GPS collar

Safe zone limited

The safe zone for Tractive is limited to 164ft.

Not for all pets...

Any pets that weigh less than 9.9 pounds are not suitable.