The Best Dog GPS Tracker

The one thing pet owners fear the most, is losing their dog. However, there is a way to avoid having your wandering dog go missing. For peace of mind use a dog tracker.

Our Top 3 Dog GPS Trackers

GPS Dog Tracker Want one? Battery Capacity GPS range Water resistant
Whistle Go Explore Up to 20 days Nationwide IPX 8, can submerge up to 6ft
Tractive GPS DOG Up to 5 days Nationwide IPX7 waterproof
Fitbark GPS 10 to 20 days Nationwide Waterproof IP67

What makes a good Dog GPS Tracker?

Size and weight

The size and weight of the dog tracking device is one of the most important points as this ensures your dog being comfortable. A too large a device will add unwanted weight on your dog and limit his movement. The best dog GPS tracker must be light and have a good fit on your dog’s collar without causing any discomfort or falling off.
Dog GPS size

The lightest Dog GPS Tracker

GPS Dog Tracker Want one? Weight Dimensions Size of dog
Nutale Focus Bluetooth Smart Tracker 0.335 oz Width: 1.57 × Height: 1.57 × Depth: 0.31 inches Any dog or object
Fitbark GPS 0.60 oz 0.60 oz Width: 1.6 x Height: 1.1 x Depth: 0.5 inches All size dogs
Whistle Go Explore 0.96 oz Width: 1.4 x Height: 1.8 x Depth: 0.7 inches From 8lbs
Nutale battery


Battery life of a dog GPS tracker is vital because will affect the functionality of the tracking device. You will not only want to choose a tracker which has a battery that lasts for days but also has a lithium battery that can be recharged thousands of times.

The Dog GPS Tracker with the best battery life

GPS Dog Tracker Want one? Battery Life Battery charge time
Nutale Focus Bluetooth Smart Tracker Lasts for about 10 months Zero, buy a new one
Loc8tor Pet Tracker 7 months but can reach 12 months Zero, buy a new one
Fi Smart Dog Collar A month 2 hours

Activity Tracking & Geo Fencing

All your dogs activities are transmitted to the app and recorded, so that a movement profile results. The data then provides information about the distance he has traveled and speed which relates to his energy usage. Geo Fencing or home zone is used to warn you when your dog leaves a per-determined area defined by yourself.
Dog GPS Geo fencing

Best Dog Activity Tracking GPS Tracker

Dog tracker products Want one? Health/ Fitness Tracking Geo Fencing Warranty
Petpace collar Monitors health parameters Yes 1 year warranty
Tractive GPS DOG Activity Monitoring Yes 2 Years
Fitbark GPS Activity and sleep monitor 24/7 Safe Zones 1 year limited

Petpace Collar Subscription

$14,95 / month
  • Monitors health parameters
  • 3 Weeks Battery life
  • IP X7

Tractive GPS Dog Subscription

$4,99 / month
  • Location History & Heatmap
  • Geo Fencing
  • 2 year warranty

Fitbark GPS Subscription

$9,95 / month
  • Activity and sleep monitor
  • Safe Zones
  • 2 hr battery recharge