Three easy tricks to teach your dog

Our Dog Specialist

Our Dog Specialist

Ina Holz is a German Coach/ consultant for dog owners. Her focus is on the relationship between people and their dogs.

It’s easy to teach your dog tricks and they can do all sorts of things when properly taught. You only need to know the steps required in teaching your dog, and before you know, it can be the next friend you play with and a young one you send to get things from the next room.

You may be thinking that your new-found pet needs to be taught how to respond to its name, but that is not necessary as animals naturally respond to their names without special training. Teaching your dog these three things will make you enjoy its company even better.

Teaching your dog tricks

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Trick 1: How to open and close the door

Dog open door

Teaching your dog how to open and close the door can make you feel like someone is treating you right.  This trick is also a lot useful if you like shopping for groceries with your dog. Usually, after the shopping, and putting it down to open the door when you get home can be a lot annoying and unnecessary. Teach your new buddy how to do it, and you won’t need to open the door anytime you go out with it.

Also, do not expect your dog to stay in one room all day; they love playing around, which may mean that it kept going out every time. This is where teaching your dog how to open and close the door comes in handy. It does not need you to get up and open the door whenever it is leaving the room or coming in.

While this trick will serve a lot of purposes, it is vital to ensure that your dog will not be leaving the compound before teaching it this trick. You do not want to fill a report for a missing dog or have it adopted by someone who saw it on the street. If the dog will run outside, at least be sure it knows its way around coming back in first.

Your dog will easily open doors like a lever-handled door if adequately taught. Inserting a key into keyholes may be a lot complicated, and this may require more time. Also, it is essential to note that small puppies may find it a little challenging to open a door precisely because of their height.

To teach your dog how to open a door, tie a toy to the door handle and have it remove repeatedly. Let your dog do this till it can perfectly open the door. Now reward this baby for getting it right.

Trick 2: How to teach your dog to poo outside

One of the reasons many won’t consider getting a dog is because of the need to pack poops. A dog requires much attention if you do not want the entire house to be smelling poops. Sometimes you need to hire a poop packer/ cleaner to take proper care of their lawn and keep the environment safe for humans. This is where teaching your dog how to do his business outside is more useful. Not only will this save you from stress, it will also ensure that your house is healthy and smells nice for visitors.

  1. To teach your dog how to poo outside, the first step is setting up an easily recognizable potty area for your dog outside.
  2. Now follow this step up by introducing your dog to this potty area and whenever he has a poo there reward him. If he does his Poo inside then reprimand him.
  3. Best way to do this is by taking the dog outside to the potty area first thing in the morning and rewarding him when he does his thing in the potty area.
Teaching dog poo

Trick 3: Teach your dog how to play hide and seek

Dog hide and seek

Having a pet can save you from dull days and make you happy. All you need is to teach your dog how to play hide and seek with you, and there is no ending to the fun you can have together.

It is relatively easy because on the condition that you can get your dog to sit and stay. So you tell him to sit and stay and then you can hide somewhere and then call him. Wait till the dog finds you. Do this continuously till your dog get used to it, and before your know it, it is your dog that will be disturbing you to play the next time.

Just Remember!

There is no limit to how many tricks you can teach your dogs. Similarly, there is more to gain from having a dog around. Research has shown that dogs are great companions and can even help you get better when you are sick. If properly taught, your dog can act as a watchman and protect the house. Dogs can even protect their owners. If you have children, dogs may detect when your child is sick because dogs connect faster to humans and can detect when we are down.

Teaching your dogs simple tricks provides you with enough opportunity to bond with your dog. However, it is crucial to know that learning for dogs is also gradual for them. It will help if you take

it one step at a time in order not to overwhelm the dog. Take time to teach your furry friends all sorts of games, including soccer, to ensure that you spend more time together.