Choosing an organic dog bed

Our Dog Specialist

Our Dog Specialist

Ina Holz is a German Coach/ consultant for dog owners. Her focus is on the relationship between people and their dogs.

Pillows, baskets, mattresses, mats, blankets or a dog house, the choice is huge, but how do we choose the right organic bed for our dog. A good dog bed has to be organic and natural, so the materials of which the bed is made should all be made from organic non-toxic like organic cotton, organic wool, natural latex, and organic bamboo. Very important is that none of these materials should contain harsh flame retardants or toxic chemicals. All dog beds should also be made in an eco-friendly way! Dog beds made in the USA reduce the environmental footprint by keeping production local.
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Kids with dog bed

Size of the dog

The bed should be adapted to the size of our dog, the dog should be able to stretch out completely in it, without the head or legs protruding beyond it or hitting the edge. Furthermore, we should keep in mind that larger dogs are heavier and the material should be correspondingly thicker and firmer, so that especially older animals have a super soft dogs that does not hurt their bones.

Type of dog fur

Dogs with little fur or short hair often like it very cozy and really cuddly soft and warm. They love to curl up under blankets or pillows so that only the tip of their nose peeks out. So your bed may be really soft and cuddly and gladly lined with extra blankets or pillows. For such dogs, the so-called donuts and fleece beds are great. Dogs with a lot and thick fur, on the other hand, often like it a little harder and prefer, especially in summer, cool rather than a warm bed. We do them a favor and rather choose clean outer materials, such as leather or faux leather, for example.
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Place of retreat

Dogs love an ideal place to retreat, a dog bed that offers ‘a small cave’ is great. This can be for example a dog box, a dog house or even a dog tepee.

A lattice box, for example, we can also simply hang with a blanket. Because at least three sides are closed and the dog even has a roof over his head, he feels maximally protected, this strengthens the sense of security, which is an essential factor for a feel-good and resting place.

Baskets or beds with raised side edges, are also very popular with dogs. This is because many dogs like to lie down with their backs against the wall. Raised edges, represent a kind of trough, also a very natural resting place for the dog. In nature, dogs dig and build hollows to rest there.

For older dogs, however, it is important to make sure that there is a shallow entrance that makes it easier for the dog to get in and out of his bed.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Every dog that romps outside also always brings some dirt into the house and onto his  bed. We should take this into account when choosing an organic dog bed.

After an extensive walk or after a wild game around the garden your dog wants to rest and will also then dirty his bed. A washable upper organic material or a removable and washable cover is a must. We all value order and cleanliness and a dog bed, which after one year already looks as if it had already gone through several dog lives is not something anyone wants.

Therefore easily washable materials are a must. Talking of washing, we should use a neutral detergent when washing dog blankets, beds, pillows and covers. Detergents or fabric softeners with high perfume content or strong fragrance, dogs do not like particularly and rather ensure that the dog avoids his sleeping place rather than feel comfortable there!

Dirty dog wash

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