Trupanion Pet Insurance Review

Trupanion is regarded as a highly successful insurer as seen through its social media following and happy customer base. cobranded with their low start-up plan which unfortunately can go through the roof compared to their competitors depending on the deductible that you choose. There is also a lack of wellness options for your dog which might change the minds of some of their customers. 

Dog Insurance Coverage

Trupanion offers a Base Plan for their service but there is limited customization to this plan with the only available customization being the annual deductible with no payout limits. The base plan includes coverage for:

  • Procedures
  • Lab tests
  • Medication
  • Continued treatment
  • Genetic conditions
  • dental
  • specialist
  • medical boarding

There are also two separate add ons available including the recovery and complimentary car rider which includes:

  • Behavioral treatment
  • Alternative/Holistic care

and finally, the Pet owner’s assistance rider covers the burial process.

Cost of Trupanion Pet Insurance:

Trupanion has a range of prices that depends on the annual deductible that you choose for the plan but in regards to their starting price is fairly low compared to their competitors considering that there is no annual limit.

But that being said depending on the deductible you choose for a:

1 year – $29 to $112

6 year – $53 to $220

12 year – $95 to $400

as you can see there is a range between being affordable to much higher premiums than its competitors.


24/7 Customer Service

Trupanion’s customer service is one of their most attractive attributes as they have a 24/7 customer phone line for emergencies. Their other communication lines include email and their live chat function on their website that is available for any questions. 

Social Media Presence

Trupanion’s social media presence is highly successful with a huge following compared to their competitors. Their posts are mostly made up of reposts of success stories with their customers and new service offerings. There is various information about what they do and you get a sense of their brand personality through the topics and posts that they share.

Ease of doing business

Trupanions claims process is fairly simple. They have tried their best to make it as easy as possible for their customers. The method is direct payment from Trupanion to the vet, at check out you’ll just need to pay out of pocket costs. This is only available to vets that have a relationship with Trupanion. Otherwise the a more traditional method is used by uploading your invoice digitally via their website or sent physically by mail.

Why Pick Trupanion insurance?

Trupanion’s options on a low deductible plan that have no annual limit are extremely attractive to those that are on a budget. They are a trusted company by the public and have been in the business for some time. Although they do not have wellness and preventative package that will cover routine checkups, sprays/ neutering which is a limitation to their offerings.


HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!! "After visiting our vet which anyone who has a non-human baby knows is very expensive. I called Trupanion spoke to a representative and within a couple minutes I was online submitting a picture of the recent and previous bill, a couple questions. The very next day all processed. Check will be in the mail. Dosen't get any better then that."
Donna Novak
Trustpilot 05/10/2021
"we been insuring my lovely dog, Lily, with Trupanion for 9 years. Now, my Lily has been diagnosed the Cushing's Disease since May of this year. Without Trupanion, It would have been hard time for treating Lily. Claim process is so easy and simple, reimbursement is so fast and cheaper rate than other competitors. Also, there is no wait time when I reach out to the service. It is so convenient in every way. I am happy with Trupanion. Lily will get the best treatment with Trupanion's support which I am sure."
Julie N
Yelp 05/10/2021
"When my dog needed medical care in several instances, they paid the claim without argument or procrastinating. Pet health insurance is priceless as far as I'm concerned. I don't want to be in a position where I have to choose between my dog's life and money. I tried the reimbursable pet insurances and had really bad service."
Consumeraffairs 03/09/2020
"Trupanion cares! My dog needs meds daily and we are so thankful to have Trupanion on our side. It’s such a comfort to know there is no hassle with claims and almost immediate approval. Not like other insurance companies for sure! Thank you Trupanion"
Conusumeraffairs 31/08/2020